DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets

So we wanted to update the kitchen – it had knotty pine walls with sections of plaid wallpaper, a knotty pine ceiling, and wood cabinets. Maybe a little color was needed? We settled on blue. Let’s just go for it! There are tons and tons of paint colors out there, (and I’m pretty sure we looked at all of them) but somehow we were able to make a decision. Porcelain Blue for the wall, and Ocean View for the cabinets.

before: lots of wood surfaces


We removed the plaid wallpaper, removed all the cabinet hinges and doors, and started de-glossing to remove the many years of everyday use. It’s amazing what a little scrubbing can do. Then, we applied a primer coat.

applying the primer coat

applying the primer coat

Next was the color! We instantly loved it. It brightened (and lightened) the space while adding some visual interest – breaking up all the wooden surfaces. The whole process took us several weekends, but it was fun work and definitely worth it. Currently the cabinets and drawers don’t have handles or pulls, but we may install some later. Bronze knobs, black pulls, or perhaps wooden ones painted blue?

finished blue cabinets


Next on our long list of projects: replacing the patterned tiles and installing new lights. The globe lights are neat but just don’t fit our plan for the look and feel of the space. One project at a time, and this place will be transformed! What’s on your list of home improvement to do’s?

blue thumbs up!

blue thumbs up!


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