Pancakes with Blueberries, Sprinkles, or Chocolate

Time to start perfecting some mouthwatering breakfast recipes. We’ll be sharing our cooking experiments with you as we go – this is going to be fun!

mis en place

mis en place

Josh and I love making a hot breakfast on Sunday morning or for “brinner” during the week, and pancakes (or hotcakes or flapjacks) are one of my favorite breakfast foods to make and eat. I’ve used the same pancake recipe, fluffy and sweet with a touch of vanilla, for a long time. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Or wait, could pancakes get even better?! Here are some super simple upgrades to a basic pancake recipe you can make in a pinch.

First up, blueberries with nutmeg and lemon zest. Blueberry pancakes are classic, but I threw in a dash of nutmeg and some lemon zest for a bit of a blueberry muffin taste. The lemon zest makes the pancakes light and fresh. These pancakes also smelled amazing as they cooked up on the griddle.

blueberries and lemon

blueberries and lemon

blueberry pancakes

blueberry pancakes with nutmeg and lemon zest

Next up – sprinkles! I absolutely love sprinkles, and I thought “why not put them in pancakes?” They don’t add any flavor but definitely make pancakes festive and fancy looking. They’d be a great for a birthday breakfast.




pancakes with sprinkles

And finally, this one was probably my favorite: cinnamon and chocolate chips. Chocolate chips are another classic ingredient for pancakes, but with the addition of cinnamon, the pancakes have such a rich and warm taste. They’re delicious, and they look elegant, too.

chocolate chips and cinnamon

chocolate chips and cinnamon

cinnamon with chocolate chips

cinnamon and chocolate chip pancakes

Wondering what I did with all the various leftover batters? Mixed them all together and made crazy pancakes, of course!

blueberry with nutmeg and lemon zest, sprinkles, and cinnamon with chocolate chips!

a combination of all three varieties

I would love to know your favorite pancake ingredient – how do you spice up pancakes for Sunday brunch or for a casual Saturday morning?


3 thoughts on “Pancakes with Blueberries, Sprinkles, or Chocolate

  1. Allison Powers

    Those flour and sugar canisters sure do look familiar. Oh! Pancakes are my favorite…anytime, day or night!! This recipe is especially yummy!


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