Sycamore Bathroom Renovations: Phase 2

laying the floor tles

Let the tiling begin! After removing the old materials and fixtures from the bathroom and after reworking some of the plumbing (see Sycamore Bathroom Renovations: Phase 1), Josh installed a new back wall. Next came lots and lots of tiling.

For the floor, we picked a variegated-gray marble tile and used a light-gray grout. The tiles are smooth and cool to the touch – they’ll feel great underfoot!

floor tile and grout complete

floor tile and grout complete

Then we covered the floor with a tarp to protect it as we began to tile the walls. For the walls we selected 3″ x 6″ white subway tiles. Laying these tiles was a lot of work for a few reasons, but one major challenge was working with the existing lines of the floor, ceiling, doorway, and window frame. As we went, we noticed that these lines didn’t all share the same level, so we carefully planned how we’d balance and align the rows. We were also careful to carryover the tiles from one wall to the next wall in the corners (as seen in the photo below).

tiles carefully aligned in the corner

tiles carefully aligned in the corner

The wall tiles took us a few weekends to complete, and we got really good at it! Josh is now an expert at cutting odd-shaped tiles to fit around electrical sockets, the plumbing fixtures, and corner tiles, and I picked-up a quick and efficient rhythm for laying the subway tiles. Here I am laying the final wall tile:

last one!

last one!

Last couple steps before putting the bathroom “back together” with a toilet, sink, and tub: we grouted the wall tiles with a light-gray, non-sanded grout and sealed both the wall and floor tiles. We’re so happy with how it’s looking!


floor and wall tiles grouted and sealed

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