“Plus” Quilt Complete

Finally! I’m so happy to report that I have completed my first quilt – a plus-design quilt. It was a great project for learning the process, and I have gotten more comfortable using a sewing machine. Special thanks to my Ma for letting me borrow her machine for so long.

quilting the top, batting, and backing

quilting the top, batting, and backing

Quilting the top, batting, and backing together was a little tricky – I had to get the hang of maneuvering the quilt through the machine. It’s a lot of fabric, and I was only working with a tiny quilt! For the quilting pattern, I outlined the white plus-shapes.

quilting complete!

quilting complete!

Next came the binding, which turned out to be much easier than expected. I used a French binding method, so I machine sewed the binding to the front of the quilt and then hand stitched the binding to the back. I love how seamless the binding looks from the front, and the hand stitching didn’t take too long (plus I could bring the quilt to the couch and watch a movie since I didn’t have to sit at the sewing machine for this part).

Lastly, I ironed the quilt to make it nice and neat again. Done! This will make a pretty wall hanging, and I can’t wait to start planning the design and fabrics for a larger quilt for the bed and breakfast.

quilt complete

quilt complete


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