Rosemary Wreath

‘Tis the season for holiday decorations – I love the homemade, crafty ones the best. For a simple and inexpensive wreath, I used rosemary and other accents from the garden.


I found a wire clothes-hanger and bent it into a circle shape (or as close as I could get to a circle). I clipped lots of rosemary from our Richmond garden and organized them into bundles. With green floral-wire, I secured each bundle to the clothes hanger, overlapping the rosemary to hide the green floral-wire.

IMG_2206Once I was done attaching the rosemary, I played around with some extra decorations. A tiny bow:

IMG_2216Some berries and mums from the garden:

IMG_2222Instant holiday charm! I think these would also look pretty with little Christmas ornaments, pom-poms, peppermint candies, lavender, or draped with sparkly garland.


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