Sycamore Bathroom Renovations are Finished!

The Sycamore Bathroom renovations are complete, and we are excited to share photos of the finished product. This last phase of renovations consisted of putting the bathroom “back-together-again” and installing the important pieces that make up a bathroom: toilet, sink, bath and shower, etc. We also added finishing touches like a shower curtain rod and curtain, mirror, lights, and decorative vent cover.

Here’s the before and after:

bathroom before and after

Josh installed a new handle and lid to update the toilet, and we had the claw-foot tub professionally refinished (exterior and interior). We wanted the tub to be the highlight of the bathroom, so we had it painted black with silver feet. Now it pops against the clean, white wall tile and the natural gray marble floor.

IMG_2283We chose an old fashioned looking faucet for the tub. I love it!


To make the tub usable as a shower, Josh made a copper shower curtain rod to wrap around the tub. If you missed the post about how he made it, check it out here. Above the tub, Josh installed a waterfall shower head:

IMG_2292Next, we replaced the cabinet-style sink with a sleek pedestal sink and hung a simple mirror above it. Also, we installed new lighting.

IMG_2250And for an extra detail – we found this pretty, silver air-vent cover:


It took a lot of time and hard work, but it was fun and it is very satisfying to see the finished product. We’re so happy with it and can’t wait to have guests enjoy it one day!

IMG_2244If you missed the first phases of the bathroom renovation, you can visit them here:

10 thoughts on “Sycamore Bathroom Renovations are Finished!

  1. Marilyn Jeltes

    WOW! Your combined talents and hard work have certainly paid off. You’ve taken it from “usable” to “SPECTACULAR!” I know you are most likely already in the planning stages for the other “usable” bathroom. Looking forward to seeing what you dream up when it’s time for the next phase.

    Love you, Ma

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