Plans for the Barn

Good news everyone! Josh has started cleaning up the barn and is converting it into our very own small climbing gym. Over the last year or so, we’ve both gotten into rock climbing and found that we really, really enjoy it. The old barn on our property seems like a great space to practice.

IMG_2080To begin, Josh pulled off all the vines that were covering the sides of the barn. It looks so nice already.

IMG_2561For the structural work and to help plan for the surface angles that will become the overhangs, faces, cracks, and aretes, he’s developed a three dimensional model using Google Sketchup.

digital climbing barn photoshop with space copy

Next, Josh cleaned the inside of the barn (it was used for old storage of lumber and other materials) and installed some new tin panels on the roof.

IMG_2535He replaced the roof nails with secure screws, and he also sealed and insulated the inside of the barn to keep out rain and wind.

IMG_2569Next, with the help of a few good friends, Josh used 3″ deck screws to install extra support-beams and footer boards, linking the roof joists into the load-bearing structure of the barn. The barn wood is very hard, and screws were broken left-and-right making this no easy task!

IMG_2650We’ll have more posts coming up that will detail future phases of the construction. The progress on this project seems to be going quickly, but Josh has spent many long days out in the cold working incredibly hard! For a little teaser of what’s to come, here’s a look at some of the climbing holds we’ve collected so far:

IMG_2737Check back for updates and photos as we keep you posted on the development of this exciting project.


3 thoughts on “Plans for the Barn

  1. Barbara McVeigh

    Wow! Great progress already! I am working on getting my thumb and knee back in shape so I can test it out when you are done!

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