Whoa, Snow!

Last week, Afton (and many other areas of Virginia) received a decent amount of snow, and we’ve enjoyed seeing Ridgeside covered in this pretty white blanket. The total accumulation was definitely over a foot – maybe around 14 inches. Personally, I am happy to have the snow – it’s been so cold this winter, we may as well have the snow to go a long with it!

I went for a walk, of course, and took lots of photographs. Hope you like them.


Here’s a view of the creek lined with snow:


The view of the Blue Ridge was very foggy but still pretty:IMG_3157

I also took a walk along our hiking trail. It was hard work walking in the deep snow, but the views from the ridge were worth it:



Eventually, the sun came out, accompanied by blue skies. The light reflecting off the snow was great:


The snow has already started to melt and with warm temperatures forecasted for most of this week, I’m sure it will be gone soon. There’s something magical about snow, and I’m glad we were able to soak it in while it lasted!


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