Climbing Barn: Ledger Boards and Framework

IMG_3184Josh has made so much progress on our climbing barn, which means now I have a lot to share with you. Let’s jump right into the project (if you missed the first post, read about the climbing barn here).

Once the exterior of the barn was sealed up and the roof was repaired, Josh installed ledger boards in the inside of the barn. Here’s a little step-by-step:

First, he moved the dirt away from the bottom of the concrete wall, creating extra work space and room to install the lower boards.

IMG_2654Check for warping of your boards – if there is a slight curve, make sure to apply the convex side of the board to the wall. That way, when you attach it, the warping will be evened out and “absorbed” by the wall as the anchors are hammered in.


Next, Josh cut the boards to the required measurements and drilled pilot holes for the anchors:


Here’s a close look at what type of wedge anchors he used for attaching the wood to the concrete:



Before installing the anchor, Josh used a level to ensure the board was setup just right. Then using the pilot hole on the board as a reference, he drilled a pilot hole right into the concrete with a 1/2″ masonry bit and a hammer drill:

IMG_2681Next, he hammered the anchor in and used a wrench to secure the anchor with a 1/2″ locking hex nut:


Done! Josh continued with this method until all the ledger boards were installed – he put up three sets of them all around the interior of the barn. These ledger boards serve as the base for further construction of the climbing walls.


For the next part of this project, Josh began constructing the climbing wall framing. He and a friend (thanks for your help, David!) framed out the south wall, including a slab feature and a vertical section.

IMG_2764IMG_3181And if that wasn’t enough progress, Josh also constructed the framework for the arete and chimney section of the climbing wall:

IMG_3273framework for the arete

It looks so great, I cannot wait to climb it!



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