Climbing at Raven’s Roost


I’ve been behind on my blogging, but here’s a new post finally. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time for more outdoor climbing. Raven’s Roost is an overlook off of the Blue Ridge Parkway around mile 10, and it’s only a 30 minute drive from Ridgeside!


There are  beautiful views overlooking the valley and surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, plus if you are familiar with building a safe and secure natural anchor (using trees and boulders), there are lots of routes you can climb on top-rope. Here are the details from Mountain Project. As with all outdoor climbing, make sure to be cautious.


The routes are nice and long (cliffs are about 50 to 80 feet high), and you can walk down a trail at the south end of the cliffs for easy access to the bottom of the wall.


So far, we’ve climbed a few of the routes, and we really enjoyed them. I think the routes we climbed were about  5.7-5.9. Raven’s Roost makes for a great day-trip, so we’ll definitely be back to try more of them!



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