Exterior House Makeover

Big news! We gave the exterior of the house a makeover. When we purchased the house, the wood siding was painted a pale, yellowy-brown color. Color can do a lot for the look and feel of a space, so I thought the house would look great with a bold new hue. Blue!  (Like our kitchen cabinets.)


We tested a few options and really fell in love with Starless Night from Behr. It’s a dark, saturated blue (not too green or too bright), and we hoped it would make the house look polished and crisp. Here’s an image that inspired me. I love the way coral, pink, and terracotta colors will look against it, plus all the pretty greenery from the trees and gardens.


This project has taken a looooong time – I started painting last March and slowly but surely painted section by section, every little surface. We’ve had a few friends and family members help out, too – thanks all!

Each weekend I was excited to paint, but it was a little more challenging when it became hot and humid outside. I went through lots of sunscreen, cold glasses of water, and ice cream. The occasional sudden shower sent me running inside with my supplies, and I got one nasty wasp sting, but all-in-all it was a fun project! Sorry it’s taken me so long to share the photos with you.


Next steps for the exterior include replacing the railings (will will either paint them blue to match the house, or we will use finished wood), painting the trim a shade of gray (maybe charcoal-ish), and further down the road replacing the roof with gray shingles. We’ll also re-stain the deck and back porch. This place will be looking sharp!

What do you think? Here’s a before and after:



4 thoughts on “Exterior House Makeover

  1. mgjeltes@gmail.com

    YEAH! What an improvement!

    The color is perfect and, along with the colors that you mentioned will look good in contrast with it, the white bark of the tree off the porch really pops!

    One more remodel to cross off the list. Nice feeling of accomplishment isn’t it.


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