Tab-top Curtains for Bathroom Window


We’ve been finished with bathroom renovations for a bit now, but the room still needs some finishing touches – curtains being the number one priority. I wanted to sew some sheer and simple curtains so decided on an unlined, tab-top design. Here’s the tutorial I followed.


Each room in the future bed and breakfast will be inspired by a type of tree found at Ridgeside, and this bedroom and bathroom’s tree is the sycamore. We’ve gone with shades of gray and white to mimic the tree’s beautiful bark, and we’ve used copper accents to bring in the color of the sycamore’s seed pods and fall foliage. To match the copper shower curtain rod, Josh built a copper curtain rod for the window, too.

For the curtains, I purchased four yards of a heavier weight cotton – not as thin as a quilting cotton but not too thick, either. I still wanted it to be sheer and have movement. I went with a light gray color similar to the gray grout between the tiles.


The instructions were so easy to follow, and I was able to adapt the pattern to fit our bathroom window perfectly. For detailed instructions, visit the step-by-step from Stitched by Crystal. I’m just going to summarize my notes about the project and include pictures.

I made two separate curtain panels, each one with four tabs, so once I took the dimensions of the bathroom window, I cut two large panels, eight tabs, and two skinny strips (used to sandwich the tabs at the top of the curtain). I folded, ironed, and pinned the sides, then sewed both edges.

IMG_4745Instead of sewing the bottom edge next, I made my tabs and pinned them in place along the top edge.



After sewing the panels in place, I lined up my skinny strips of fabric and sewed them along the top edge of the curtains, sandwiching the tabs.


Then I folded the strips up and ironed them nicely. When you fold over the last edge and sew it in place, it creates a very clean tab-top finish.


Lastly, I folded, ironed, pinned, and sewed the bottom edge. I did this last because I wanted to make sure the length of the curtains was just right. I hung the curtains on the rod and made note of exactly where I wanted them to fall.

This was a very fun sewing project with a pretty and functional result. Now the bathroom has some elegant curtains to keep out light and provide privacy. I like the simple tab-top design and plan to make many more curtains for the bed and breakfast.





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