Chevron Quilt: Top Assembly


I really love the look of chevron quilts and have started making one to hang above the stairs in the entryway of the b&b. The hardest part of making this quilt (so far) has been the composition of fabrics. That step must have taken me hours – there are just so many different possibilities! Should each row be a separate fabric or mixed fabrics? Should some rows repeat? Should the light blue be paired with the green or the red? Here is a look at some of the fabric colors and patterns, cut into seven inch squares, that I used:


I chose bright, bold blues and greens, some softer blues, and orangey red. For this quilt construction, I didn’t follow a particular pattern, per say, but I looked at a few tutorials to learn how to make half-square triangles. It’s such a simple process and the progress was fast.

To make half-triangle squares, place two squares together (right sides facing). In pencil, draw a line from one corner diagonally across to the other corner. Then, sew 1/4″ to the left of the pencil line and 1/4″ to the right of the pencil line.



Lastly, cut along the pencil line. Walla! Now there are two half-square triangle pieces. Note: Each time you cut along the pencil line, you’ll end up with two of the same combination – so in the photo below, there is are examples from two different half-square triangle cuts.


After I made enough of the half-triangle squares (and all were ironed), I sewed the squares into columns and then sewed all the columns together. This went surprisingly quickly, and now the quilt top construction is finished! Next steps will be quilting the top, batting, and back together and creating the proper hanging sleeve or tabs. Lastly, I’ll attach binding around the edges.

This photographed a little strange, but I swear, it looks great in person!


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