New Cabinet Hardware for the Kitchen


Last winter, we painted the kitchen cabinets blue, and now we’ve polished the cabinets off with new hardware. We replaced the old hinges with new black hinges, and we also installed simple black pulls on the cabinets and drawers. It really makes the kitchen look more finished and complete, and it seems like the kitchen was meant to look this way. Now I can’t imagine the kitchen without the hardware!


Luckily, Josh was able to locate hinges that matched the style and design of the old hinges. This happy finding meant we didn’t need to drill any new holes! That saved us a lot of time. We took down the cabinet doors and uninstalled the old hinges. Then Josh attached the new hinges.


Next he measured to find the center location for the knob, drilled a hole, and installed the knob. For upper cabinets, we placed the pulls on the lower corner of the cabinets, and for the lower cabinets, we placed the pulls on the upper corner of the cabinets.


I helped out by measuring to find the centers of the drawers so that Josh could drill the holes and install the drawer pulls more quickly. This was a fairly quick project (took a few hours), but it made a big impact. Having knobs on the cabinets and drawers also helps to keep the finish of the cabinets cleaner.

Here’s a before and after:




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