Pendant Lights for the Kitchen

We’ve made a few more updates to the kitchen by installing new lighting above the counter. Previously, there were large globe lights throughout both the kitchen and the “great room.” (The kitchen, living room, and dining room share an open layout. We started calling it the “great room,” and the name seems to have stuck.)


The globe lights are fun and added a bit of whimsy to the space, but the retro style doesn’t fit the kind of environment we want to create. We want to style the b&b with a mix of “cabin retreat” and “modern simplicity.”


We went light shopping and looked at a lot of options. In the end, we found some large black pendant lights. They’re perfect. They match the black counters and look pretty sharp. Josh likes these lights because they remind him of heat lamps that hang at many expediter stations in commercial kitchens.


All of the bulbs were out on the lights we were replacing, so to see if the electricity was on or not, Josh used a voltage tester. This is a great device that will tell you if a wire is “hot” or not and prevents you from being electrocuted. So handy!


Once we knew it was safe to work, Josh removed the old globe lights and installed the new pendants. He measured the length of the wire to the desired height and cut it. The three critical wires were sheathed in a larger plastic tube, so to strip the wires at the new length, Josh cut off the outer sheathing using a wire stripper (with the 18 gauge size).


As with most electrical wiring, the positive wire is white, the negative wire is black, and the ground wire is green. Then Josh connected them starting with the ground wire.


Lastly, he tucked the bundle of wires into the electrical box and reattached the plate cover using bolts from the mounting bracket. Polished, decorative nuts cover the ends of the bolts, creating a finished look.


Eventually, we’ll have to pick out additional new lights to replace the remaining globe lights throughout the house, but for now, we’re really enjoying the pendant lights. For above the dining table, we’re thinking of making our own chandelier – maybe using some reclaimed wood. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Pendant Lights for the Kitchen

  1. Allison Powers

    Love the look and such an easy change! The house is really coming along. We need to come visit soon and help with some projects. 🙂


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