Removing Ivy and Uncovering History

We recently removed ivy that was growing along the exterior of the house – a section that is actually part of an older home’s stone foundation. To help preserve the stone and to make it visible (because it’s so nice!), we decided it was best if we pulled down the vines.


We don’t know exactly when the original home was built, but we do know that the land was purchased in 1911 by Nelson C. Baber from J. H. Bragg. The deed from 1911 does not mention any buildings, so it is likely that the home was built by the Baber family shortly after purchasing the land. In 1936, Lillie Baber sold the property to Troy Clear with the existing building on the property.

Here’s an old photo of the Clear family with the original house in view behind them:

Image (117)

The home burned down in the 40s with only the stone foundation remaining, and the current home was built in the 70s by the Watlings, who purchased the property from the Clears. Robert Watling and his family built the home themselves on the existing foundation.

Now, back to the ivy project! The ivy was very established and had some impressively large vines. I pulled off what I could by hand, and Josh used clippers to work on the tougher sections.


Some of the ivy had grown onto the painted siding and door, too – I just need to do some touch ups, and everything will look good as new.


It makes such a big difference, and it’s so nice to highlight a part of the home’s past. It was also fun learning about the property’s history – we look forward to doing more research. For round two of the ivy project, I’ll tackle some vines that are growing along the side of the foundation. I’ll also check back in the spring to keep any new growth at bay. In the future, I think it would be nice to put some planters below the stone to bring back some leafy greenery and color.

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