Chevron Quilt: Finished!


The chevron quilt is finally complete. It took me a little while to wrap up these last steps, but I’m so happy with the finished product!

After the quilt top was assembled, I layered the back, cotton batting, and quilt top together on the floor. It’s easiest to use a little clear tape to keep the bottom layer from sliding around. You’re supposed to leave several inches of the back fabric and batting around all sides of the top, but I didn’t have enough and cut it a little close. No worries! It still worked fine.


Once the fabrics were layered, I used pins to keep them together – pinning about a hand’s distance between each pin.


Next, it was time to quilt! I followed the chevron’s zig-zag lines on either side of the seams, and this helped to accentuate the chevron pattern. With a larger quilt, it’s tricky to maneuver all the fabric through the machine but rolling up the excess fabric helps.

Before beginning the binding, I trimmed the excess material. Then I applied fabric to the back of the quilt so that it’s easy to hang on the wall using a rod and brackets. I couldn’t decide which I liked best as the “top” versus the “bottom” of the quilt, so I attached a hanging loop to the back on both ends. This way, I can rotate the quilt every 6 months or so. Rotating is good for the wear of the quilt, and it works well for my indecisiveness, too.


Lastly, I cleaned up the edges with a single binding. This step takes a long time, since the stitching is done by hand for the back, but it’s worth it. It creates a really nice frame for your quilt, and it looks great on display. I didn’t use a French binding since this quilt won’t get too much wear. If your quilt will be used as a comforter or a blanket, a French binding is sturdier and protects the edges better because it uses a double fold instead of a single.


Here’s a look at how we used a rod and brackets to attach the quilt to the wall:


This quilt adds a lot of wonderful color and pattern to our space. I had some extra fabric leftover from this quilt and know that I will be making another one soon enough. The next one will be used as a lap blanket, though – no more wall quilts!


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