Tracking Animal Prints in the Snow


Spring has officially arrived in the form of warmer temperatures, budding trees, and singing birds, but I wanted to give a last farewell to winter by sharing some animal tracks I spotted during the many snowfalls in February and early March. After a few of the snowfalls, I trekked through the snow at Ridgeside in search of animal prints, hoping their trails would be captured in the snow. Luckily, there was a lot of activity! Nothing too out of the ordinary but fun non-the-less.

I spotted lots of tiny and cute rabbit tracks.

IMG_6192 And plenty of deer tracks, too.


I’m fairly certain that these tracks must be from a fox because of the size and shape.


The snow was so deep it was hard to get a clean print, but the trail made a graceful curving line like how a fox might prance and dart. Plus, as extra confirmation, Josh spotted a bright red fox one afternoon skipping along the white covered field. I missed it, but it sounds like a pretty sight!

Winter’s snow sure was beautiful, and it enabled me to see the adventures of the local critters, but I’m happy that spring has started to fill the property with active birds and early flowering bulbs. Goodbye, winter!


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