Tulip Poplar Bathroom Renovations: Demo and Construction

We are currently converting two large closets into a bathroom for the Tulip Poplar Room so that each bedroom in the future B&B will have its own bathroom. We have chosen three trees that grow on the Ridgeside property to influence our design and decoration choices for the rooms and bathrooms. The Tulip Poplar Room and Bathroom will have cheerful yellow and green accents and offer a bit of whimsy to guests. It will be a warm, comfortable, and energetic space. I love the flowers and leaves of a tulip poplar!



For the first stage of the Tulip Poplar Bathroom renovation, we demoed the two adjoining closets. This is always an enjoyable part of a project – hammering through walls! – but it is also very messy.


After demoing the drywall, Josh carefully removed the insulation; we try to salvage materials when we can and plan to use them (including the insulation and beams) in other projects.


Then he removed all the studs from the inner wall (these beams were not structural):


Josh came up with a few different layout options for this bathroom. Here’s one of the earlier designs:


Ultimately Josh created a very thoughtful and efficient layout for this bathroom and began construction by building the inner shower wall. The shower will run the length of one side of the bathroom, and the sink and toilette will occupy the other side of the space.

He re-attached drywall to the back wall and mapped out plumbing locations for the sink, toilette, and shower. He also established locations for all the electrical work including light fixtures, outlets, and light switches. Josh spent a lot of time reading construction code to make sure everything conformed – this research is important, and his work will be inspected and certified by the county.


It’s really neat to see the transformation of this space – we’ve already picked out and purchased some of the fixtures and materials. The floor tile is a beautiful cream marble, and the sink and cabinet are crisp white. I can’t wait to see everything take shape. It’s construction magic! Please stay tuned for future updates on this renovation project – we’ll have a post about the plumbing and electrical work soon.

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