Tulip Poplar Bathroom Renovations: New Walls, Electrical, Plumbing and More!

An update for the Tulip Poplar Bathroom is long overdue. Renovations are going really well – Josh framed, insulated, and installed drywall on the new walls. He also added a new dedicated 20 amp electrical circuit, ran hot and cold water plumbing, and connected into the forced-air ventilation system. If you missed our first post about the Tulip Poplar Bathroom, this bathroom was previously two closets. We demoed the interior wall and are now creating a brand new bathroom – you can read about the details here. It’s amazing to see the bathroom take shape.

For the electrical work, Josh ran new interior sheathed electrical wire to the boxes for the light switches, outlets, and light fixtures.

IMG_6276He worked carefully and double checked all his work (always with the electricity turned off!), and we now have a Ground Fault Interruption (GFI) receptacle by the sink, two light switches, a ceiling light and wiring for a vanity light above the future sink.

IMG_6280 He also installed plumbing and pipes for the shower, sink, and toilette. Since there wasn’t any plumbing in this space previously, he had to run a 4” arm from the septic tank and install new branches to each future fixture location.IMG_6293He also used a mechanical vent in order to vent the drain system without drilling another pipe up and through the roof. Josh said that the vent lets in air that is displaced when the water flows down the drain like if you were holding your finger over the top of a straw and then you lifting it off. With the waste lines in, he connected the hot and cold water supplies to each fixture location. He tied into the existing CPVC pipes, so he spent a lot of time under the floor and in the attic. The time in the attic is worth it though – we’re going to have a waterfall showerhead in this bathroom!

IMG_6365A new floor vent was needed so that AC and heat could be sent into this room, so Josh linked up a new flexible vent pipe to an existing stubbed-out arm from the forced air unit and installed a new decorative vent in the floor.

IMG_6339He also installed a brand new window in the exterior wall. It will provide great natural light in addition to fresh air so that a ceiling ventilation fan is not needed.

IMG_6493Next up, Josh will waterproof the shower walls and floor with Kerdi membrane, install the sloped floor with “deck mud”, and tie in the Kerdi drain. For the main space, we will be using beadboard and molding for a nice decorative finish. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Tulip Poplar Bathroom Renovations: New Walls, Electrical, Plumbing and More!

  1. M Wright

    y’all are so inspirational!!! i love that you two are pursuing your dream and really making it happen – so beautiful!


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