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Ricotta Pancakes with Mulberry Compote (“Marionberry Pancakes”)


Did you know that Portlandia, the TV show, released a cookbook in 2014? Well, they did, and it is awesome. Most importantly, it includes a recipe for marionberry pancakes. One evening, I gave the recipe a try and made our own version using fresh mulberries.


If you don’t have the book, there are a lot of nice looking ricotta pancake recipes online, including this one and this one.


The pancakes are nice and fluffy. I happen to like small pancakes (I think they cook more evenly), but these would probably work well as larger pancakes, too. For the compote, I added our freshly picked mulberries to a small pot, added a little bit of water and lemon zest, and simmered until the everything was thick and syrupy. No marionberries or mulberries? You can use any kind of berry, or apples with cinnamon make a great topping, too.


I served these pancakes with some locally made sausage and some beautifully dry rose wine from Veritas winery. Breakfast for dinner can be so festive!


If you haven’t seen any Portlandia episodes, I highly recommend watching a few. The humor is very dry and quirky, and we love that they have a few skits about a bed and breakfast.