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The Tulip Poplar Bathroom is Finished!

The Tulip Poplar bathroom construction is complete – actually it has been finished for a couple months. I can’t believe I hadn’t shared that exciting news with you all. I have neglected the blog these last few months, but as it’s a new year and a time for fresh starts, I plan to get the blog posts going again!


We are really happy with how this new bathroom turned out. The shower is spacious, and the main area of the bathroom with sink and toilette has such an efficient layout. We had a smaller space to work with, but the finished product doesn’t feel that way at all. It’s perfect.

IMG_6107Remember what this space used to look like? Take a look at the demo and construction, electrical, and plumbing, and the shower, beadboard, and tile posts. This space wasn’t a bathroom at all but began as two bedroom closets. After a lot of work, we now have a bright and cheery bathroom. We used large, white porcelain tiles for the shower walls and beige-white marble tiles for the floor. The shower head is a square waterfall design – so wonderful! It’s like showering under a little rain cloud.IMG_2315

For the main area of this bathroom, we installed bead board on the lower section of the walls and painted the upper section a buttery yellow – like the yellow in tulip poplar flowers. Josh built a small mantle that runs the length of one wall, above the sink. This ledge will be handy to place toiletries and also a lovely spot for a small bud vase.


It feels great to be making progress on renovations, and we can’t wait to share  spaces like this cheery bathroom with future Ridgeside guests.

Sycamore Bathroom Renovations: Phase 1

We are in the first phase of renovating one of the bathrooms, the Sycamore Bathroom – this includes replacing all the old wallpaper and paneling, the linoleum floor, and the cabinet, sink, and lighting. Here’s a before picture:



After taking out the bathtub, cabinet, etc. Josh began removing the paneling plus the two layers of wallpaper. Lots of hard work and scrubbing to remove all that glue!

removing wallpaper, cabinets, and bathtub

removing paneling, wallpaper, and linoleum

He also removed the back wall to rework the plumbing and electrical – we are adapting the claw-foot tub into a shower, and it’ll have a spa-inspired waterfall shower-head mounted from the ceiling and a pretty curtain circling the tub. To prepare for laying the floor tiles, Josh installed backer board.

updated plumbing and electrical, removed linoleum, backer board installed

updated plumbing and electrical, removed linoleum, backer board installed

I feel like it looks great already – you can see the wonderful potential! For the next phase, Josh will install new drywall and begin adding new flooring and wall tile. Just imagine: light grey marble flooring, white subway tile on the walls, claw-foot tub shower, a pretty pedestal sink (and maybe an aromatic rosemary plant). Stay tuned for updates.