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Hardwood Floors are Installed

Where does the time go? The busier we get with renovations and bed and breakfast preparations, the harder it is to keep up with the blog. We have a lot to share, though, so stay with us! We’re on the home stretch and will be open before you know it.


Another big transformation is complete: we’ve had hardwood floors installed throughout the bed and breakfast including the bedrooms. It’s made such a great change; the space looks more polished, inviting, and beautiful.

We hired a contractor to expertly install the hickory wood because this project was just too large for us to tackle over weekends. He did a wonderful job – we’re so happy with everything.


The hickory flooring we selected has a lot of character and variety in length of boards and in color. We love the rustic look and the complexity it adds to the space. We’re starting to add area rugs, tables, chairs, etc. to furnish the bedrooms and the great room, and it’s all coming together.


Basement Renovations: Walls


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy renovating the walk-out basement. This space was mostly unfinished when we purchased the home, and we are turning it into our innkeeper’s quarters. Once complete, it will be a finished suite with a kitchen and bathroom. To start the renovations, Josh gave the walls a new look by applying a stucco finish. Well – actually, before he could start updating the walls there was a bit of demoing to do.

For the demoing phase, Josh took out the existing cabinets, shelves, floating floor, and miscellaneous items in the basement and demoed the bathroom, which included removing the interior bathroom walls, toilette, sink, and tub. We then prepared the basement walls by scrapping off any old glue and paint. Next we applied a primer so that the stucco would adhere well to the walls.


The existing walls are cinder block and didn’t have too welcoming of a feel for a living space. To update the look and feel, Josh mixed the mortar (used for the stucco finish) and applied it to the walls in a sweeping motion with a metal pool trowel, creating a beautifully textured surface.


The finished look is classic and also kind of contemporary at the same time. It’s classic like old Italian and Spanish stucco and contemporary like modern urban and industrial spaces. We plan to leave it unpainted for now, but we have the option of painting it in the future if we feel inclined. To soften the space, I’m going to make curtains for the windows, use lots of area rugs, and populate the space with other textiles or wall hangings.



Updating the walls made a really big difference in renovating the basement into our living quarters. Next steps include re-plumbing the bathroom and pouring new concrete floors with an in-floor heating system! Check back soon for more posts about these renovations.

Sycamore Bathroom Renovations: Phase 1

We are in the first phase of renovating one of the bathrooms, the Sycamore Bathroom – this includes replacing all the old wallpaper and paneling, the linoleum floor, and the cabinet, sink, and lighting. Here’s a before picture:



After taking out the bathtub, cabinet, etc. Josh began removing the paneling plus the two layers of wallpaper. Lots of hard work and scrubbing to remove all that glue!

removing wallpaper, cabinets, and bathtub

removing paneling, wallpaper, and linoleum

He also removed the back wall to rework the plumbing and electrical – we are adapting the claw-foot tub into a shower, and it’ll have a spa-inspired waterfall shower-head mounted from the ceiling and a pretty curtain circling the tub. To prepare for laying the floor tiles, Josh installed backer board.

updated plumbing and electrical, removed linoleum, backer board installed

updated plumbing and electrical, removed linoleum, backer board installed

I feel like it looks great already – you can see the wonderful potential! For the next phase, Josh will install new drywall and begin adding new flooring and wall tile. Just imagine: light grey marble flooring, white subway tile on the walls, claw-foot tub shower, a pretty pedestal sink (and maybe an aromatic rosemary plant). Stay tuned for updates.